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  1. I am not a chemistry technician so this is beyond my training and expertise, but we've found some issues with some of our chemicals and chemical storage so I was wondering who to turn to for help.
    I'm going to give Cleapss a ring soon as we are a member, but who else might be able to help and advise us?
    I think we probably need to do an overhaul of our chemical store and stock, but with our senior/chemistry tech being on long term sick leave we're left without anyone trained in chemistry. We don't want attempt it ourselves as we really don't know what we're doing.
    Are there external companies that deal with this kind of thing? The council? I have no idea where to start.
  2. If you are LEA, your council's science adviser or H&S wallah. CLEAPSS is your best bet, though. You might be a member through your LEA. If you're an academy, you're on your own. Look for a H&S consultant with COSHH and science education expertise who does more than wander around with a clipboard, writing £ signs on pieces of paper. Your CEO needs to expect a big bill.
  3. Thanks for the reply mike, I'll give the LEA a call too. We're are an academy, but we do pay for Cleapss membership so I'll contact them after I've had my cuppa.
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    what sort of issues, maybe we folks on here could help?
  5. Have you made any local technician contacts yet? One of them may pop over to you for a chat and share a bit of knowledge
  6. My HoF has taken over on this now with our head of H&S and they're going to arrange to get it sorted out. HoF is on the phone to Cleapss so I'm happy to leave them to it as HoF is also our head of chem and knows a lot more about this stuff than me.
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    Quite right, leave the decisions to them what are paid more than us.
  8. You can contact an agency and ask if they have an experience chemistry technician available. Retired technicians sometimes sign up to make a bit of extra money while enjoying retirement. If your senior technician is on long term sickness this is necessary and I would recommend that you ask for a supply technician otherwise your school is under the impression that you can cope with one less technician and that might give them ideas.