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  1. Has anyone else received an invoice from a certain disposal company demanding payment for .'Annual Client Duty of Care Service', which basically means keeping their records for past services. We used them in December 2017, paid for the service, and since then, they have sent 2 invoices. One which was paid in 2018, and another one for £354 this year (not paid).
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    No, I have not come across this problem so far, maybe we use different companies? As long as you keep your own records you should be okay. I always hang on to stuff like that. I would not pay them.
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  3. NTG


    Why not just tell them "NO"..... and so long as you keep your own accurate records you should be OK. I don't see why you should be paying for something THEY should be doing anyway under legislation (I assume they are regulated ??). Seems a lot of money …...for what exactly ???
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  4. This rang a bell so I went for a dig
    Have a look at CLEAPSS bulletin 163 - Autumn 2018

    This has happened before and it's a hard sell tactic to make you pay for a service you really don't need by making it look like you should have it.....
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    Yes we received one this year and last year, we just ignore it and tell the finance lady to say No. It's a poor tactic to get business, I certainly won't use them again because of this tactic!
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    just off to look at it now.
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  7. I have never had this from the disposal company that I used. Perhaps you could let us know the name of the company so that we can avoid them!
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  8. Hi Tom, this happened to us with a company after using them about 3 or 4 years ago. We didn't pay it and I questioned it with CLEAPSS and they looked into it. Shortly afterwards that particular company (we are not allowed to name companies in complaints on this forum), was removed from the list of disposal companies endorsed by CLEAPSS
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  9. Hi Kiki,
    Thanks. Our business manager authorised payment for this 'service' last year. When it came last week, I told our finance department to hold it until I have further information.
  10. Unfortunately we are not allowed to post the company name. probably due to possible libel action.
  11. Just about to book someone for the first time Hope I do not get this one
  12. What happened to whistleblowing on poor practice....if it happened it happened what's wrong with telling people what happened?? Can you be done for libel if it's the truth?
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  13. My thoughts exactly, it's only libel if it's not true
  14. Unfortunately companies are canny enough to go for a defamation suit, which doesn't care about trivial things like if it's true or not, only if it might damage their reputation....
  15. Is the company on the cleapss list if so I would bring it up with them, and can you drop me a message with their name please so I don't organise my collection through them!
  16. The last company I used has also invoiced me nearly £400.

    I was going to complain to CLEAPSS but I see they have already removed them from the contractors list so I wont bother. Someone must of beaten me to it!
  17. Am I allowed to ask someone to private message me name of company to avoid?
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  18. Me too
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