Chemical Stocktake

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  1. That boring time once again. Stored in sealed containers...ammonia=unpleasant, ethanoic=yuck, butanoic=take 15mins away from the task. :confused:
  2. I hope you have other people around Allan. I remember a time when I (very stupidly, brain not in gear) picked up a flask of ammonia solution that was falling over in the fume cupboard, and got a great big nose-ful of fumes. Calmly asked the TA to call 999 for me (that was the same day that I realised not to let HOD know anything even remotely serious that I could not deal with myself - she went into full-on headless chicken mode!!!!!!). I tend not to touch the chemicals in the summer break as I'm on my own. I just check that the bottles in the corrosives and flammables cabinets are not swelling, and if they were (not happened yet), I would't touch them anyway, I'd call CLEAPSS.

    Stay safe :)
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  3. Always somebody around Helen. I did much the same with a winchester of .880 in my younger days, it floored me. Very quickly i respected chems just a little more. :eek: All techs should be asked to take a wiff of .880 (assuming no health issues) when they start to get the message across. Maybe a little extreme I know but better to learn early on. ;)
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  4. :D:D All teachers also, but especially the PE/maths bods teaching science & VP/deputy head types..........;)
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  5. I used to work with someone who loved the smell of the ammonia buffer, he'd put it on blue roll on a fan and sit there smelling it.
  6. When I worked in industry, one of my jobs was preparing chemicals for treating the water in huge 500psi boilers. I would often need to syphon 5 - 10 litres of conc ammonia from a 50 Litre drum. If I forgot to take the breathing apparatus, I'd just hold my breath...
  7. Forty odd year ago I used to do the same thing with Ethanol and other stuff when working in R&D... using a plastic manual hand pump while sitting with my colleague in a small room...:eek::eek::eek:
  8. I have inhaled quite a bit of formalin vapour in my time, having spent a few years preserving marine samples in the stuff. Would then spend hours looking at the samples under a dissecting microscope - as the sample got warm under the microscope light more vapour given off. When we asked for an extractor in the lab as we kept getting headaches was refused as too expensive!!!
    now you are not allowed to go anywhere near the stuff - good thing too
  9. Is that when you turned in to your profile pic? :)