Chemical disposal - who do you use?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering who everyone uses as chemical disposal, as I have a bit building up and a few unidentified bottles too.
  2. We used Chemgo last year to get rid of ours, they were the cheapest quote we got and very quick and efficient too
  3. We used Hazrem Environmental Ltd to dispose of 17 different types of chemical at a total cost of £650! They needed a complete list of the chemicals, with amounts and their CLP classification. They did take a mixed box full of mercury waste which had been in the department I'm guessing for around 20 years (I am new to the school, in the post for just over a year). Mostly broken thermometers as far as I could see. I was told by CLEAPSS that the cost doesn't really go up much with each chemical you add, it's the actual call out that costs - so basically get rid of as much as you can. I only disposed of the most urgent stuff (a bottle of THF for one that had been there for at least 25 years) which I am regretting a little now as I think I could probably dispense with at least 50% of the chemicals in the department. Going to have another clear out in a year or so if the finances are there.
  4. I used Labwaste in my two previous schools. They asked for details of the chemicals, approx volume to be disposed of and size of container it was in.
    They did take unidentified stuff. They were competitive last year but I know that they were reviewing their prices.I also notice that they are aligned with SciChem now.
    The service was excellent. A word of warning. Although it is obvious remember that you cannot add anything to be disposed of that you may find on the day - only what is on the list to be taken. So check your quote very carefully.
  5. Forgot to say Cleapss document PS005 is useful
  6. We've used Avanti a couple of times - in 2014 we got rid of 135 different chemicals for £400 + VAT (the Chemgo quote at that time was £650). Then in 2016 I discovered all sorts of nasties hidden away by a previous technician in an outdoor store prone to flooding (could not believe a supposed chemist had put them there) - that time it was 77 chemicals, one unknown as the label had perished and they charged £310 + VAT.
    They communicated well and were very efficient in their pick-up.
    Best to get a few quotes in as they vary a lot. Some companies will revise their quote if they hear you got a cheaper quote.
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  7., cheapest quote by far
  8. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Whats a good one chaps? I need to get rid of some after christmas
  9. Peter Foulkes at ChemGo too.

    Very efficient, but expensive.
  10. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Would like a cheap & efficient one.. budgets are tight here *gulp*
  11. Check out We use them and they were the cheapest by far. Look on the website and you can get a quote. They were very efficient as well.
  12. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Thank you! Even better they are quite local to me too!
  13. Ah might have just saved a few hundred as a mate said their building project will be wrapping up close to the end of the year and they will throw the waste in with theirs :D
  14. Erm - please tell me you are joking......
  15. He is doing it all above board, they use a company that will swing by the school coming up to the end of the school year and collect our bits.
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  16. we used CSG a few months ago, really well organised team of two collected & packed & labelled stuff including unknowns.

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