Chaotic Class - Very Challenging pupils

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    I think so too, but too late to move it now
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    Sounds like he was lucky only the floor got burnt.
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  3. He sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Do your HS folk have no input? Your employers are legally bound to have duty of care for all employees.
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    Seen a few posts like this on here. I agree it's frustrating to have to deal with this but as far as I'm concerned it's part of the job. Clear up and tidy up/throw away the kit at the end of the lesson and put in a request for new apparatus as necessary. The people who hold the purse strings will soon get motivated if they see a teacher is costing them money in kit and the rest of the department won't be too happy if their lessons can't be resourced because of a colleagues poor classroom management. At the end of the day are the pupils making the progress expected of them? If not senior leaders should be on it.
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  5. The powers that be, that hold the purse strings, quite probably don't actually see how individual departmental budgets are being spent.
    They just issue the budget & it's up to each dept how they spend it. Otherwise surely someone would have complained how huge amounts get spent on photocopying that ends up in the bin, or £1000 pa on glue.
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  6. I had one like this who would sneak in late orders and not tell me he'd done it, help himself to other peoples prepared resources and not admit to it so when they went to get them they had been interfered with or were unuseable, help himself out of them chem store here again not mention it. A total bloody nightmare. Thank god he left after an interminable 6 years of working with him. I was at the point where I avoided ever seeing him I was so furious. The HoD couldnt do a thing with him and SLT didn't back her up when she tried to manage him as he was failing in other areas too. My partner is a builder and he said it is much simpler on a building site - if someone isn't doing their job properly they're told to buck up or b*gger off.
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  7. Drives you to distraction doesn't it? You get to point of giving them enough rope & hoping...
  8. Always reminds me of my old bosses favourite saying

    When I worked as supervisor in retail in my student days my boss was trying to groom me to take over from him and so I was allowed to shadow some of the PM reviews

    If they were failing on something he ask them "Is it that you're incapable or unwilling? Cos if you're incapable we can train you and if you're unwilling well, we can do something about that as well......."
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  9. Now that's quite dramatic JediiKnyght.
  10. Quite the opposite :p
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