Can you eat genetic corn

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    We took some kernels off a genetic corn cob, soaked them in water until they sprouted, planted them and now we are growing beautiful cobs of yellow, black and multicoloured corn.

    I was asked today if they can be eaten and to be honest I'm not sure. Part of me thinks why not, it's only corn! But the other part of me doesnt know what they did to manipulate the colouration so worried they might taste weird.

    Has anyone ever eaten any?
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  2. I would eat it if it were me.
    The kernel colouring is a naturally occurring variance so I don't think anything untoward would have to be done to it to achieve those colours.
    If it's flint corn (which the multi-coloured usually is) you're best drying and popping it though as it can be quite tough to try and eat from the cob.
  3. Obvs don't if they've been exposed to any possibility of chemical contamination through being grown in the lab though. My answer assumes they've been grown in a greenhouse of some kind.
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    They were grown in the caretakers vegetable garden, 100% organic!
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  5. Eat away, then! ;)
  6. I wouldn't eat one has mentioned if there is butter to spread on them once they are cooked!
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    I did a bit more research and it is actually flint corn, which is really only for decoration, flour or popping.
    Here are a few of the cobs we picked today
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  8. Beautiful! I quite like popped flint corn; wish we had a greenhouse haha!
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    We grew this outside, just in a big planter
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    Wow what beautiful colours. Enjoy the popcorn