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  1. Hi,
    How do you manage the calculators situation??
    At the beginning of Sep I put all 6 labs a class set of 30 calcs.
    I checked every single calcs and I put them in each room in a tray with the Lab No on.
    Then I sent an email a couple of times for the teachers to look after them and it was the teachers responsibility, not mine.
    After I counted them a couple of times to fill one or two missing calcs.
    OK, some of them were old, but at that time they were still working. By now some of them have been broken, so teachers or I put them in a bin.
    But there were 180 calcs, down to 105, I don't understand where 75 calcs have gone. (Actually I know the teachers don't count them back, pupils smashed them etc...)
    Now almost all the teachers want to use calcs, actually demand:mad:
    I've said to the teachers that I don't have a magic wand, so fight each other and let me know who won:rolleyes:
    Anyway, why so many calcs are missing. Have you got any good idea to keep the calcs in the tray, which is actual class set of calcs tray with the slots,not ordinary tray....:(
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  2. Our students come to the prep room and sign a calculator out if they don't have one, and get chased down if they don't bring it back. Haven't lost a single one yet! :D
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  3. we expect our darlings to bring their own. Most do but for the others I have a box of 10 which must be counted out and in by the teacher and a few older ones that I'm quite relaxed about. My box of 10 are now 11(?) and the others come and go.
  4. Similar to Fiona, We have two boxes of 15, and they're ordered by teachers just like any other piece of equipment. Related note, bulk sweet boxes work really well as a container for calculators.
  5. We don't have any calculators, pupils have to have their own
  6. 007


    It's a common story here. Back in September we gave every teacher a huge stationery stock, rulers, pencils, rubbers, scissors, calculators, gluesticks, black, red and green writing pens, made available sets of colouring pencils and felt tips.
    Well I can't tell you the number of times we've replaced the black writing pens :mad:, and I swear that the glues are eaten. I replaced one room last week and low and behold just a few days later they had none :rolleyes:
    It seems plain and simple to me teachers simply don't count equipment back in once its been loaned out. I dread to think how much unnecessary funds we spend on stationery each academic year :eek:
  7. With the amount of stationery that goes missing if I find an item in a lab that doesn't belong to the the department I claim it and add it to my stock. I'm in a private school so i'm sure the parents can afford to buy new equipment for them. Also I write 'PHYSICS' in big letters and hope it might work as a deterrent.
    Since starting here I have introduced a signing in and out system for stationery/items 'borrowed' by staff and students to try and keep track of it all.
  8. I have seen many comments on social media about the plight of teachers having to provide and pay for their own stationary but in our case it's the result of years of wastage and carelessness (and supply staff and lack of lockable cupboards). I have bought hundreds of calculators of the years and the most successful way of keeping them is to have very few. We have 2 boxes of scientific ones which they share between 7 classes but the HoD is damned sure she gets them all back and keeps them in her room! I have as much responsibility for them as the maths technician does! ;)
    Do you have exam calculators kept by the exam office? We don't and so all calculations in class have to stop when any maths or science exams are on as we lend them to the exam hall. This is where most go missing now. It would be better if they had their own sets.
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  9. We have to regard calculators as consumables and continually replace them because as others have noted teachers simply don't look after them and students seem to think they can keep anything school hands out. A few years back we had a teacher who would take students keys as security, they got their keys back when the calculator was given back but there were problems with parents complaining, so that was abandoned
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  10. Dr.Roo

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    I let teachers take out sets of 30 calculators at a time at the beginning of the year. I also order and distribute pencils, books and other stationary. There's not a lot left at the end of the year.
    It's a tie for 2 teachers at the mo as to who had the most broken calculators in one lesson. Each had 8 destroyed in one period, closely followed by plenty of others with 5 or 6.
    This is a regular thing and I'm going to talk to the new Leader of Science soon as to whether we want to proceed withgetting any more or trying to get pupils to bring their own.

    I have plenty of working ones, but can't switch them on as the "on" button has been removed. They're an integral thing where each button is on a rubbery mat, but pupils tend to pull the buttons up and stab the stretched bit to pull the buttons off.
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  11. Students are expected to have their own calculators - the maths department specifies one or two makes and models. However we also have 15 in each lab of a different design suitable for all but the most technical applications.

    Some calculators go missing - I rescued several from teachers offices - and I suspect several disappear into pencil cases despite being labelled. However my main problem is that when the battery goes I can't replace it. I can put a new battery in and press the reset button, but the display never works again! So essentially they become consumables
  12. Thanks everyone.
    Unfortunately my school is rather deprived area and we can't expect the students bring their own stationery, unlikely their own calculators.
    We distribute ones:(
    Our calcs are with solar panels, otherwise some of the kids steel batteries. (Of course there are good students as well)
    I keep sending the emails to sci teachers to look after stationery and calcs & informing HOD but so far nothing has been sorted.
    I've already ordered 2 new sets of calcs for next year (a couple of teachers asked me already if I have ordered new calculators. My answer is yes but for next year.
    I'm thinking I put the lab number and calc number on the back of them.
    But I'm not sure how long it lasts:mad:
    Anyway if calcs are gone missing, it's not my fault but teachers', but I can't stand I feel I'm the blamed one:mad::mad:
    Nothing I can do.
  13. I have to say that this is a real bugbear of mine. The amount of money we spend on stationery is ridiculous. Teachers are given goody bags at the beginning of the year which are then topped up regularly. A huge proportion of it is wasted and we have a core of pupils who refuse to bring their own. The teachers have been filling in a survey from one of the Unions about how much they are personally spending on school items when in some cases the stuff we've given them hasn't been taken care of. We have issues with calculators too - we have sets which the teachers book and these frequently end up over in exams (usually five minutes before the exam is about to start!). Having said that, when pupils turn up without these essential items what choice do we have?
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  14. Dr.Roo

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    Ours have the solar panels too.
    They get pushed in and broken just because they can.
    A teacher caught one pupil breaking it and the reply was "I'm trying to see if I can jump start it." They're from a fairly unprivileged area as well, can you tell.
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  15. we store our scientific calcs in gratnell trays with inserts, all numbered but as teachers do not look after them there are many lost over the year
  16. We keep a couple of trays of basic calculators in the prep room for biology use only as If they were left in the lab other departments would use them. We lock our scientific calculators up (only have 5) and only 6 th form borrow these and sign out when they do. Probably won't replace the calculators when they go missing. The majority of pupils have their own and having only basic calculators generally available does tend to mean they don't grow legs.:)
  17. Try looking on the ceiling for glue sticks. It's a common storage area! :D
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    The teaching staff have been trained by me to be ferocious about counting out and in as I collect any strays and keep them till they are short and ask me for more, thus it an excellent to go into grumpy mode about missing items.
    Helps also to have replacement costs to hand to beat them further.
  19. Ours have to buy and bring their own. Anyone without one during eqpmt check/lesson, will be given a detention.
  20. Frankly that is how it should be in all schools
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