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Are you going to run out of Budget before the end of the financial year ?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Do not know

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  1. NTG


    I am assuming a lot of folks also keep an eye on their Departmental budgets?

    I had to approach HOD last week, and again today, to point out that at the current rate of spend (mainly repro), then we are out of funds by end Dec/Jan, as in literally nothing left.

    Anyone else in a similar situation ?

    Will just post it as a straw poll......
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  2. I've voted no, but it will be tight so as long as they don't suddenly jump in their repro we should be fine
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  3. As an academy our finance decided to run our own financial year the same as the academic year
    So while they have to deal with stuff in March/April as far as the teaching departments are concerned financial year is Sept-Sept

    That said it's only just November and we've spent a hideous amount of our finds already and I have no doubt we'll blow the rest at the current rate by late Feb

    I track the technician spends for stationary, chemical/equipment and even the petty cash and we're on course to save some money this year so I'm gonna make sure when we're being told that we're broke the inquisition is fully aware of that fact..... (it's all gone on revision guides, textbooks due to unmanageable class sizes at P16 and of course printing enough worksheets that the students could sack off their exams and live in papier mache mansions)
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  4. As long as photocopying is kept under control and we don't have any surprises we should be ok although it's always tight.
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  5. Techitude

    Techitude COMMITTEE

    We are normally okay as we get a good budget and often get offered extra funds at the end of the year for one reason or another.
  6. Dod


    Lucky you
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  7. I don't have to worry about repo with mine so Very lucky!! - but this year I have NO idea what my budget is - no one has given me a number at all, just a keep it sensible - so working on previous years totals as a gauge I'm just being cautious but sensible, I will just get what we need when, and worry about the total when someone comes to tell me I cant spend any more.
  8. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    Same here. It has got more difficult as the previous head thought only about cutting our budget such that it is about half what it once was. Not sure if our budget includes the copying costs and the general stationery (lined paper, plain paper, sellotape, etc.). We do buy glue sticks, whiteboard pens, laminating pouches and things
  9. It's the last minute surprises that are the main problem, a couple of years ago we were a week away from budget closure with £1000 left. Then we changes our KS3 syllabus & needed a whole lot of IT packages. We went overdrawn. No one had given me a heads up that it was going to happen.
    I find the IT licences use a huge chunk.
  10. Techitude

    Techitude COMMITTEE

    We are, and I'm very grateful for it. I worked in a department previously where money was scarce and if you had any money left by January they took it back off you!
  11. I don't know what our budget is. Though I have spent around £400 since September already (on books and stationary mainly). We need a new hotplate for the pressure cooker to make agar plates found one for £14 on Amazon and have had to convince HOD that we need to buy it. Guessing our budget is tiny... I do know that we get the same as what Maths get as a single subject even though we are 3.
  12. NTG


    Don't do the Agar plates then...…..that might be a convincing argument for the sake of £14....!!
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  13. I've told them that :D No hotplate no agar plates, simples! Makes my life easier as well so I don't mind one bit :p
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  14. I wont run out of budget as I am a tight arse that knows how to scrimp and save :D
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  15. Still don't know the budget for this school year! We academised over summer and the financial side is chaos. Our school finance team had to do 3 year ends - we used to run budgets alongside the tax year. They did the usual year end in March, then another in May as we were changing May 1st, then again end of august as the Academy is running budgets alongside the school year. So we had months of recalculating budgets and freezes on buying. the new budgets haven't been finalised yet so no idea what we are working towards, other than it will be less than we are used to! at least they are letting us buy stuff now.
    the joys of academisation!!!!
  16. We were in deficit before we got the 'new' budget.. and it's mainly to do with reprographics or text books. Actual spend for practials/equipment was the least amount. It seems science is lumped as one subject, when in reality it's three... for instance Math and English would never need to fork out (for example) microscopes, or a colorimeter - or lots of those other things that take a massive chunk of cash. It would be nice if 'science' were allowed a separate budget for costly equipment purchases, although I can't see that happening here! Some of our stuff desperately needs replaced, but there's just no money to spend.
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  17. Lol, got visions of A3 booklets! Think you mean A5 ( half A4) Everyone here says that, could I have A3 booklets please...so tempted one day to do them :p
    Sorry to be a pedant;)
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  18. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    It could be A3 folded in half to make the completed booklet A4
  19. Ahhh yeah true, plus just re read post ! :rolleyes: Soreeeee.
    We do A5 booklets for tests, saves even more money. A4 sized only for certain pupils. I still quite like the idea of giving teachers A3 booklets when they say it though :p
  20. Nah some of the teachers get a5 sized booklets when they ask for them, but imo they are too small for many students unless the text is made a larger size.

    I mean an a3 sheet folded in half to make an a4 booklet ;)

    The only downside to it is remembering the specific order of buttons to push so it comes out the right way instead of upside down, back to front and all the pages out of number order haha