Bromine - asking for a friend!

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    L195 page 31 gives an alternative method for diffusion into a vacuum. It has nitrogen dioxide moving between two bottles.
    Does anyone do this?
    What are your thoughts/hints and tips?
    Has anyone made the set up successfully?
  2. we don't do anything like this in Physics here.
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  3. We use the nitrogen dioxide method as a demonstration for diffusion. It works exactly the same but is slightly safer (though we still use a fume cupboard)
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    Do you use the two bottle set up with stopcocks as in L195?
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  5. No we don't use this method

    We put the copper turnings in a large gas jar and add the acid, then put a lid on it. It then has another gas jar clamped above it. The teacher removes the gas jar lid and puts the upper gas jar properly over the bottom one. You can see the gas diffuse into the upper jar