Biuret test - how much egg white?

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  1. Hello all,
    I've been asked to make up an "egg white solution" for the biuret test for protein. Any suggestions for the egg white to water ratio? I was thinking 1 egg white in 250ml water. Sound about right?
    Yours hopefully,
  2. Should be about 1%w/w Gill. It won't do any harm to thow 5 eggs in the mix - it will give a more intense colouration. Remember to use Free Range eggs.:D:D:D
  3. Buy in egg albumen powder. 1% is fine.
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  4. Yes, but...needed tomorrow, of course.
  5. I boil the kettle, put about 600ml in a beaker, stir fast on a hotplate and add one egg-white.
  6. We do two egg whites to 700ml of water. Heat over a Bunsen stirring all the time until the temp reaches 70 deg C then turn off the heat
  7. I probably wouldn't heat the Albumin as it would then not be soluble and you need soluble protein for the Biuret. Even when you buy in Albumin powder it takes a while for the protein to be hydrated. Good luck.:);)
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