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  1. Hello,
    I am hoping that you might be able to help me come up with some biology experiments to do with 12-14 year old for our science club.
    I was thinking about ascetic techniques, gram staining, DNA models, making yogurt etc?

    But I would like some more as I'm not sure not viable some of the above are.

  2. DNA extraction from banana/kiwi/etc. is a good one.
    Phototropism plant shoot maze.
    Enzyme experiment with jelly and fresh fruit (pineapple, papaya, etc.)
    Field studies always go down well in the summer- the kids like to get outdoors.:)
    ETA; looking at pond water under the microscope is always a favourite, and if your kids are quite brave owl pellets are good too.
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  3. I run a science club at my school. Here is some of the stuff I do that is Biology.

    DNA extraction from fruit
    Dissection- I had a really brave group and they loved looking at all the different things.
    Making DNA model out of sweets
    Growing bacteria in different shapes. during the inoculation which in sterile conditions the kids made simple shapes and then see thm the following week grown.
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  4. Thank you so much Emma and Pauline!

    Those are smashing ideas!
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  5. Dissecting Chicken wings or feet.
  6. Thanks Paul
  7. We also did TLC of chlorophyll once.
  8. Cool! That is a nice one to do!
  9. How long do you all have for Science club? Ours is at lunchtime so by the time they've eaten, we have about 20 mins or so.
    Running out of Biology ideas that don't take too long.
    Wanted to do DNA necklaces, I've done it lots of times before but when we tried it out recently, it didn't work for the people that had eaten or drank anything in couple of hours before :(
  10. Fter school for 45 sor so, lunch here is only 1/2 hour (a cost saving in these times of austerity)
  11. oh ok, so bit longer to do experiments. Glad we don't have after school though, I'm itching to get home!
  12. Making model seeds to test dispersal mechanisms - e.g. paper dandelion 'parachute', helicopter (a la sycamore), 'explosive' pod (spring-loaded?), sticky-tape to mimic burrs, etc. - get them to compete to see who's seed goes the furthest. Can they come up with designs not seen in nature? (many won't know about the explosive ones, like Balsam / touch-me-not, so will think they're being clever when they suggest this ;)).

    How much weight can a 'lawn' of cress seeds lift when they germinate?

    Which is the better insulator, fur or feathers?
  13. got fur...not sure about about the feathers. Seeds one good idea.
    We have covered most things that have been suggested. Trawling t'internet for ideas. Things for Bio either too long or entails buying things :(
  14. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    Making a butterfly feeder out of a paper cup, cotton wool, tissue paper streamers and string to hang it up. Dampen the cotton wool with sugar water
  15. I tried this myself at home...nuffin! Not one single little blighter came:(
    Mind you same with birds (could make bird feeders with club) all I get are parakeets.