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  1. Meant to post a couple of days ago

    I'm "senior" technician at my small independent school. I put "senior" in inverted commas as there are only two of us!
    Been here 30+ years and hope to retire soon, so may not be around much. Took the job while I was finishing an evening-class chemistry degree at Birkbeck, and sort-of stuck.
    Although I'm a chemist (Well, sort-of) I hardly do any chemistry setting-up these days, being mostly physics with some biology as well.
    In my time here I've also been the school's photographer / videographer and theatre sound and lighting designer / rigger.

    In a previous job I worked at a now-defunct flavour / fragrance company doing multi-kilogram organic synthesis day in day out. The only job I get nostalgia-dreams about!
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    Belated Hulllloooo from me
  4. Welcome
  5. Thanks for the welcome folks. Just kicking myself that I didn't discover this forum earlier. D'oh!