beeping stop watches

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  1. something that I have started doing is making sure that the hour chime and alarm is off (on the clock function) then changing them to the stopwatch function and cutting down the plastic stick on the mode button this way students cannot 'accidentally' switch back to the clock function and turn on the alarms; it also means there is still a sound when the start/stop and reset buttons are pressed.
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    Timstar, They're grey with red yellow and blue buttons on top.
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  3. I'm not sure what the problem is with Bleeping Stop Watches. If they are annoying simply take the tray and put them out of sight in another room - problem solved.:D
  4. We have a tray of stopwatches in each laboratory. So every teacher is irritated by the ones that bleep at random moments
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  5. Tell them "patience is a virtue" Karen.:D:D
  6. We aren't blessed with the time for that, and the other room would have another teacher in it. I have found trays in corridors before which is not the way to treat school equipment. I did suggest ordering the bleepless satz timers but they were more expensive than the bleep version so we bought those instead.
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  7. I have just tried the wire cutting thing, i figured that if at a later day the process needs reversing, I can solder it back together.
    As an aside, the last time i bought some timers it was actually more expensive the buy ones without alarms than ones that did have alarms. So after I did the wire cutting thing, I told our HOD that I had upgraded the timer to a more expensive model.
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  8. We got our from "Scientific Laboratory Supplies Limited " code ZET383 and they are cheaper than the identical item from Timstar
  9. We got ours from "Scientific Laboratory Supplies Limited" - code ZET383 and they were cheaper than Timstar for the identical timers.
  10. The energy taken from batteries in order to make a "beep" is vastly greater than just running the display and the onboard reference oscillator. So battery life is reduced...
  11. It was so much simpler when we could ask them to use their phones.
  12. It was, but we're a phone-free school now. No mobiles are allowed out between 8:45am and 3:10pm (our school day). Any phones that are seen get confiscated until the end of the day.
    The solution of cutting out the little speaker bit has been excellent for us, especially as we often store stopwatches in the prep room.
  13. For a few years our Year 5 D&T students have been making basic (cigar box style) ukuleles from kits machined by me. This year as an extension project, we are allowing some to turn them into ELECTRIC ukuleles by glueing one of the piezo speakers from a stopwatch inside the front panel of the uke, wired to a 1/4" jack socket. The piezo transducer works as a contact microphone, and an electric guitar amp gives the perfect amplification.