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  1. Does anyone use or recommend bactobeads for their E.coli culture? I have only just noticed they are available in the Timstar catalogue, and it would make ordering in advance of the microbiology section much easier... if they really do last fridged and uncontaminated for months.
  2. I've never used them Claire because of the cost. However, there are certain advantages - no need to subculture.:D:D
  3. I see no need for them. Working on the assumption that you buy a master culture and take subs (regularly) from that then they will remain uncontaminated and viable.
  4. I will do most things for an easy life... especially where microbiology is concerned! The fact that they may last for 9months, and are only£20 for 5beads may mean a saving if the microbiology is done (as it will be) before Christmas, but would still be available later in the year if anyone needs a recap or is doing their topic out of sync, without (as George says) the need to regularly reculture. Plus the contaminant risk of constantly subculturing.
    I've spoken to Timstar to send me some bumf, and they had sent them to be looked at by CLEAPSS, so once I know via CLEAPSS, I am strongly thinking of getting...
  5. Just had a word from CLEAPSS- should be fine to use, though a bit fiddly to get a single bead out of the vial in a sterile environment. Will give it a go and let you know how I get on...
  6. We use bactobeads, we just don't have time to keep on sub culturing. Work just fine for us.
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