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  1. Our first week back... so far we've...

    lost equipment via some kind students
    had contaminated chemicals via some kind students
    been asked to move blinds from one class to another... no
    lots of 'can I haves'
    lots of 'may I borrow'
    'stuff'' dumped in prep room
    'stuff' that contractors have left in lab for us to clear... no
    changed timetables
    broken water still - via the kind contractors
    'hissing sid' (autoclave) out three times
    late requests for next week
    some requests for October!!!
    some requests a lesson before it starts
    and only one teacher so far ordering correctly...
    changes to practicals
    phone ringing constantly - now turned volume down to a whisper...
    copious amounts of laminating
    Teacher saying 'we' will clean out filing cabinet.. which means us, when we are 'stowed off' with practicals (=lots of)
    other departments wanting our large hole punch - which cost 125 quid... no

    it's only six weeks to half term :)
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  2. Dod


    o_O Normality has resumed then :rolleyes:
  3. All of the above but 7 weeks till half term lol
  4. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    I know the feeling...
    Teachers expecting certain things when we dont have them.. lol I am not a wizard,.. or am I??! ;)

    I am on my own and soo much to do, also just found out I made some gases wrong... break to teacher time woo -_-

    Oh and we got loads of clashes of stuff ....

  5. 007


    This sounds all so familiar :rolleyes:
  6. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    I cut my hand about 1cm deep.. ended up in A&E for xrays ect...

    Joys of the job!!
  7. Hope you are okay!
  8. Dod


    Ah but were you wearing your safety lanyard? ;)
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  9. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Yeah I'm okay. its been patched up with stri strips and badged. Had today off as hardly slept with pain ect
  10. Good, it sounds like its been crazy busy for you! Definitely worth taking some time off, i know i make more mistakes when i'm rushing! Not cut myself seriously yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time because i'm clumsy on top of it all haha.
  11. Hi Stelden. Sounds like a lovely environment to work in. Have fun.:D:D:D
  12. We do... most others around us however, don't :p
  13. In a weird way, I envy you a little! In my last tech job I had to travel from Bolton to Oldham via public transport the day after a pretty decent car accident with severe whiplash because the only other Biology tech was off long-term after a big knee operation!
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  14. I have a new HOD that isnt quite coping with the amount of work that she needs to do so I am currently sat here on orders for practicals and I am told not till she gets her head around things. Not used to a HOD that isnt at running speed with me :(
  15. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    I'm working by myself with one hand (which isnt my writing hand augh)

    I am in pain and the dishwasher is like my saint at the moment. Yet pain releive will not help :/
  16. Thought I'd just add to this one...

    Since coming back:
    Week 1 - My HOD left;
    Week 2 - Ofsted came;
    Week 3 - Open evening
    Ongoing - Two new teachers have not arrived due to visa problems;

    On the plus side - I'm not bored!
  17. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Sounds busy busy!

    How much responsibility do you guys have for like scissor and glues for the labs??
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  18. I am the holder of glue and the orderer of scissors but thats about it. I don't go round a make sure they have a set amount or anything like that. If they need stuff they come and see me and I sort them as best I can.
  19. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Ah, okay. As I have been asked to count class stocks too.. which I don't have much time and said let me know

    I need a dogs body person to help me
  20. Same here. When the glue stick box gets low, I order some but it's up to the teachers to keep control of their lab's stationery

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