Attaching thread to a small motor spindle

Discussion in 'Supporting Physics' started by Milliepig, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Does anyone have a foolproof way of attaching a thread to the a spindle of a motor.
    I have tried using thin and thick thread,securing with a rubber band, glue etc and the thread always gets tangled.
  2. I don't know if it will help as I'm not sure what you're planning but.. attaching something to the spindle first, can help.

    For example attaching an empty cotton reel or bobbin seems to prevent tangling.
    (Thumbnails attached so we're sure we're talking about the same things..) :)
    cotton-reels-215-p.jpg bobbin.jpg
  3. Thanks Keith
    I am just trying to glue a cotton reel onto the spindle, i will let you know the outcome.
  4. The glue has dried and cotton reel is working. Now making a few more.
    Many thanks
  5. No problem, glad it worked. :)