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  1. The caretakers noticed a sheet of asbestos in my room which is the bottom of a floor level shelf, about 1ft x 12ft. It has boxes of books on it which are moved as needed. The surface is reasonably intact but there are screws into it so in the past the surface has been disturbed. Obviously I'm not an expert so dont know which kind of asbestos it is. They obviously missed it when they removed the last lot from the school.

    I'm not very confident in the H&S head here so want to be forearmed with info before I proceed with this.

    As I've worked in an old school where they have also previously removed asbestos in my work area - am I entitled to an asbestos health screening and if so what regs refer to this? I'm also concerned they will remove it and tell me it wasn't the hazardous type and I'll have no access to the information myself to check this was the case. What are my rights here? Thanks.
  2. PS I've been here for 9 years and they've only just noticed it!
  3. Contact either your union or the local office of the HSE. You will get a definitive answer from the latter.