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    Old building, heating off, starts to smell musty/damp. So today I've rigged up my own aromatherapy device as I want nice smells and may help everyone to chill a bit in these busy times :)
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  2. Get that tree hugging hippy crap out of my prep room!

    One of my physics teachers had a smelly candle out yesterday. I have to watch some of the oils and candles as they can set off my migraines.

    I am just happy if I can get to the kettle to make tea :D
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  3. Come ON Burns!! Take a chill pill man/woman (may help your migraines) haha.
  4. Ooohhh I like this thought.

    New building so no musty smells but I do like the smell of Sandalwood in the air.
  5. "Jburns" Almost spat my cup of (lovely smelling) tea at my computer screen.
    Give me the smell of a hot cuppa or a hot soldering iron any day.
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  6. Well given what's in the chem store I could make a chill pill or 10 :p

    Should I have put a disclaimer on my warning not to drink while reading?
  7. The only one (teacher) who doesn't like it is a man - typical :D;)
  8. Well you now have teacher replant :D
  9. Spent the first half hour this morning locating one of year 11's hidden fish …….hate the last week of term,but they have started early this year .
    May have to make this now it stinks having cooked away all weekend
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  10. Ewwwww! We have had similar thing happen, once with a heart ( was in a lab coat pocket in a cupboard), & once a tech must have had to move bits around in the tall freezer, forgot to put back a kidney in a plastic container & left it on top so we couldn't see it.
    Searched for weeks...stink was making us feel ill. Thought it was a dead rat. You can imagine how bad it was when we found it.:confused::confused:
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  11. One year the upper sixth released a large number of live cockroaches into the library. You can guess who had the honour of catching them all...
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  12. You should have borrowed some mongeese from the zoo :D
  13. Yeah but what do you release to catch the Mongeese?
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  14. A warthog, just watch out for the singing!
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  15. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon COMMITTEE

    When I visited my partners school this time last year, while I was there a knock on the door. 'What can you guys do with these crickets'

    I told my partner at the end of the day while going home, I was talking about it and he how do you know?? As he had to look it up on CCTV.

    We are lucky here, nothing like that happens here (well.. famous last words lol)
  16. We get the best jobs:p
  17. We are a rural school surrounded by fields with intermittent break ins by cattle. Always seems to be me trying to herd them back into their field! I quite enjoy it.....gets me out :)
  18. Oh, I'd love that!
    Despite being 'in' London ( edge) we used to get cows in the streets around here years ago. We'd wake up, sniff & shout 'The cows are here!'. My Dad wasn't too pleased though, used to eat all his plants. Awww, miss that.
  19. Why not open a bottle of butyric acid and let that waft through the room? :D
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  20. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    I hope there's a risk assessment for that!! :eek::D:D:p