Another Microbiology question...E.Coli

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  1. Need to buy some E.coli for use in the pGlo practical, but not sure whether to buy the K12 or B strain, any ideas?

    Thank you
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  3. Thats brilliant, thank you
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  4. On the subject of E.coli, i tried plating some to grow from the stock we had, 2 separate stocks of E.coli and nothing happened.
    Don't know if its just me being rubbish or the E.coli we had in was old.
    tried the B.Subtilis and that worked so can't have been the agar or anything?
  5. What agar did you use?
  6. I now buy E.coli K12 bacto beads- but only as we use them once or twice only during the year. That way I just take one bead out for when we need a stock, and have no need to keep re-subbing.
  7. Claire, where do you buy your bacto beads please?

    I take it from your post they can be added to nutrient broth to produce a culture for use in class practicals.

  8. We found out about these a while ago, every time I order they are out of stock :(