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  1. Who else gets irrationally annoyed if equipment won't fit nicely into the storage? We have cellpacks that don't quite fit in a Gratnell and the same with the rheostats and it offends my sense of order! :D
  2. That's moderately annoying but there are far, far worse issues about storage - that I won't go into on a public forum.
  3. Yes, I find this really annoying.
    I "only do" physics, I've spent 20 odd years getting my storage organised.
    My rheostats are quite old, 4 in a deep tray plus one inverted works well.
    Cells and bulbs are annoying as are Electroscopes (two different sizes)
    Resistors are mounted on plastic boxes of differing sizes, which I can just about cope with, but one day.......
    Classes are usually 22 students (11sets, plus 1 spare = 12) but I have one teacher who insists I give her 15sets.....
    Bosses and clamps are 15 to a tray. 250ml Beakers 15 to a tray. 4mm leads are 8 to a block 14 blocks to a tray.
    Mutimeters are 20 to a tray.

    Arrrggghhhhh Kill me NOW.
  4. I still haven't found half our stuff as it's ferreted away in nooks and crannies.
  5. Ooh lucky you Q. You could find all sorts of treasures!!! I spent 2 years finding 'new' (old) stuff, it was like Christmas everyday. Even now, occasionally we'll open a drawer and say 'what the heck is this?'.....
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  6. I find Gratnells annoying, far too small, give me a big red tray any day.
  7. Techitude

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    Yes I hate it. I'm quite a neat freak at work and it irks me enormously when things refuse to fit in a tray or stack neatly.
    I've recently bought some new ammeters and voltmeters and specifically chose the ones I knew fit 10 flush in a gratnell
  8. Techitude

    Techitude COMMITTEE

    The previous techs here had squirreled stuff away in almost EVERY cupboard in all 10 labs. When I started I spent several weeks discovering hidden treasures and well as lots of hidden trash!
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  9. Same here. Our newish HoD sometimes says, "have we got a so and so, doobery whatsit..?"
    and I say: "Probably, what does it look like?"
    I can usually find something based on the description. "So that's what that is.."
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  10. Carol Taylor

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    I asked my assistant (in the old days when I had one) to list the items in certain cupboards for me to enter into a spreadsheet; one of the items was jam jars, the other pendulum(s). I knew that was not right so went to look, it was gas jars and deflagrating spoons.
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  11. I've already managed to find stuff by description. Do they learn the term "doobery whatsit" on HoD training do you think?
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  12. Haha I've misidentified stuff too and been put right!
  13. Dread to think how old some of the stuff in cupboards prefixed with "Old" might be here (and begs the question why it's been kept)
  14. karen b

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    Because you never know when they update the curriculum what they will drag back into it.

    Last summer I dismantled some equipment that hadn't been used in the 7 years I have been here. A new teacher asked for something very similar yesterday.
  15. About 3 years ago, my HoD said he wished we had a demo for continuous flow calorimetery,
    I said "No problem, there is one in the attic, hasnt been used in 25 years but I'm sure I can get it working"....
    Why I make work for myself I'll never understand...
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  16. I'm exactly the same! Been here since April and still come across bits like "so that's what that is", "thats where the odd thing is!"
    I'm sure it'll stay the same for the next year or so :D
  17. Shannon

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    That was like me when I 1st started here.. I would be like.. er what's that? Google images became my best friend and now its all organised and I know where everything is :D
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  18. You can guarantee that as soon as you throw something away, someone will ask for it. Even old Jam jars!
    That's why 'old' techs are squirrels! we've learned the hard way :rolleyes:
  19. An attic? Ooh sounds fun, very Hogwartsy. Rubbish old flat roof here.
  20. More equipment graveyard than fun, fairly low head room too, I'm 5' 5" and can just stand up in most of it, I often joke that the reason I got the job was that the other applicants were over 6'.
    Oldest part of the building was opened in 1913, lots of extensions and add ons since. Our photocopier room originally was a toilet complete with high level glass brick window.
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