Animal skeletons for comparative anatomy

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  1. Hi all

    Do any of you know where are the best places to get skeletons of mammalia, in particular bats? Obviously not the protected species.

    I see Phillip Harris has dogs and sheep skulls, but we already have those and we wanted to show more unique adaptations in mammals. Flight seemed like an excellent one.

    Thank you
  2. We had a dead bat found here yesterday but one of the biology teachers took it home or you could have had that!
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  3. ?? double, double toil and trouble spring to mind :eek::eek:
  4. God knows what he plans to do with it...he must have a house full of old tat.....
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  5. 3B do different ones- but they're not cheap....
  6. All bats are protected in the UK. You could try The Bat Conservation Trust. Which would also happily receive any dead bats you find.