Amino acid chromatography - any tips?

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  1. My A level lot just did this prac, but didn't get good results. I made up the aa's as directed with IPA and water, and the solvent was ethanol/ammonia/water as per instructions. The prac was done last lesson yesterday so the chromatograms were left to dry overnight, then I sprayed with ninhydrin this morning. Should it all be done in one day? Also, I'm wondering if the chromatograms should have been left in the solvent for longer (they were in for about 90 mins and only half way up the paper)? I have it again today so just wanted any pointers before we get another duff set of results. :/
  2. Sadly Miffy the solvent used for the Mobile Phase was not a good one. To answer your questions the Pracc can be done in about 1.5 hours if you use the Solvent System that I've tweaked in earlier posts and the choice of Amino acids I've suggested to give a wide range of Retention Factors. Ask if you need further info. I'll gladly help.:);)
  3. Thanks, we are using paper chromatography, let me know what solvent combination you use and I will run it past my head tech.
  4. Paper Chromatography is rather messy Miffy as a small amount of solvent spotted gives large diffuse zones. However it is achievable. I suggest that you use these Amino acids:
    The solvent system is Butan-1-ol:Glacial Acetic Acid: Water (65:25:15):);)
  5. I always have trouble with those 105% mobile phases.
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  6. does anyone know what is the maximum time between running/drying the chromatogram and spraying with ninhydrin? one day, a weekend?
  7. As long as it's dry, I don't think there is a time limit. I would keep them in a dessicator and dark.
  8. About 90 minutes.;)
  9. They both will as they both have 254 nm settings, which is the normal wavelength for the plates (as it says on the label).
  10. Thank you.

    I thought that was the case but wanted to check before purchasing the lamp.
  11. Miffy - do you subscribe to CLEAPSS? If so, there's a great practical on there (document PP062 - Paper Chromatography of amino acids). Our BTEC lot did it today, and got some really nice chromatograms. Of course, it's much better on a TLC plate, but that's kinda the point of doing the practical, and seeing how some methods are better than others! Ours also do plant pigments on both paper and TLC, and it's a bit "wow" to see what a difference there is :D