Am I the only one..?

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  1. Who cannot stand the programme Gavin & Stacey?o_O
    Surely I can't be?!
  2. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    I have watched one or two episodes on sufferance - mother in law loves it! I sat reading the paper when it was on at Christmas.
  3. OI! I loves it, it's lush (and Barry is only about 10 miles away so I hear the accent all the time).
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  4. Hallelujah!
  5. Please don't use the 'L' word! Makes me cringe:eek::(
  6. MAY be marginally better without the 2 main characters:p:D
  7. Dod


    What I'm have seen of it = total rubbish so avoid it like the plague. ditto for deadenders. :mad:
  8. Never seen it and don't plan on seeing it
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  9. LOL, WOOHOO! I KNEW I would find like minded sensible people on here.
    One of our past techs was far from being macho patriarch, banned Deadenders from his house.
  10. I watched the episode that was on at Christmas and thought it was rubbish. Its the first time I've ever watched it and I won't be watching it again.
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  11. Seen bits of it in the past, can't stand it. Don't understand all the hype at the moment.
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  12. Not in the slightest
    Can't stand James Corden either, think he's one of the most overrated sod's ever to waste air - frick knows what the yanks see in him but hopefully that Cats abomination will kill his career as badly as it died at the box office
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  13. :p:D
    Same here!
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  14. This is making me happy :rolleyes:
  15. Oh that's the other reason I don't watch it.
  16. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    never even heard of deadenders.

    Please tell me some of you are Only Connect fans
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  17. Wife can't stand James Corden either - can't understand 'what's occurring' with him but we both binge watched the first 2 series before watching the Christmas special and have been converted - 'Oh...... it's tidy'
  18. Never miss an episode of Only Connect

    Also think that deadenders is a nickname for that depressing Lahndahhn "soap" on BBC One?
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  19. Nope you're not. Absolute tripe. Rob Brydon should be ashamed of himself!
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  20. With some of these negative comments I feel like I'm reading through the comment section of a facebook post lol.

    Change of tone, what shows DID you all enjoy over the Christmas break?

    My top three were:

    1 - Doctor Who (I'm the biggest whovian and this series has started with a bang! <3 )

    2 - Worzel Gummidge (Fantastic reinvention of the classic series, with a fun twist on eco related issues and I would love to see it turned into a full series.)

    3 - Dracula (Absolutely bizarre but a brilliant remix of the classic Dracula story with loads of awesome twists. )
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