Alternatives to the Required Practicals (AQA)

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  1. Part of what I am doing working from home is trying to come up with a comprehensive list of alternatives to the required practicals (both extensions as well as safer alternatives for students with learning difficulties)

    I'm sure every school has a different way of doing practicals or have their own twist on things. So I would be really grateful if you would share yous!

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  3. SAPS have done some alternatives.
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  4. also look at how other boards handle the cpacs as they vary in implementation and you could use their practicals.
  5. are they all free to look at or like the ocr a-level stuff?
  6. edexcel is, do you have a password for ocr?
  7. no, i normally just ask my hod to download what i need from the interchange. I'll have a look into edexcel, thanks!
  8. many of the PPdocs in the CLEAPSS website are responses to issues in required practicals.
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