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  1. How important is the bubbler please.
    Have some 100 ml flasks on the windowsill for the last year but still getting transpiration when introducing the algae balls to the bicarbonate solution using the CLEAPPS procedure. Have obtained a 23 watt LED bright light for the photosynthesis, but only a bubbler we can use intermittently.
  2. Crucial - without the bubbler the algae settle on the bottom of the vessel and hence don't get illuminated fully - the aeration stirs the algae round so they are distributed evenly throughout the liquid.
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    Is it vital to use the known algae?
    I have a bottle of water on the utility room widow ledge at home that I was leaving to use to water my plants. It has started to head in a green direction, so I left it wondering if I can use it.
    I know CLEAPSS mentions not using pond water, but this was old tap water.
    I'm quite sure the answer must be no as why would we buy it, but I remember many moons ago in an old school this was the only way they did it.
  4. If it's going green then it has algae in it - It's probably not the same species but it is still a plant and will photosynthesise - so yes it should work if you aerate it and give it some fertilizer to bulk it up.
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    Thanks Peter, that's exciting.
  6. I had the proper algae from Blades but it started dying off so I added some greenish water that I had in a spray bottle and a few drops of baby bio and its doing really well with light and being aerated.
    Is it essential to subculture though or is that just to keep a bit back when the rest is used to make algal balls so that it can continue to grow?
  7. I just keep a bit back and top up with fresh water and fertilizer, aerate - soon bulks up again
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  8. algal balls.jpg Thanks for all the advice folks - algal grown, concentrated and transformed into balls!!!
    Now have next culture of algae growing.
  9. lovely jubbly
  10. Hi Peter, I know this is an old thread, but could you tell me what pump you use to grow the algae? And do you keep it on 24hrs a day? Thanks in advance.
  11. So after 3 and a bit weeks my algae has gone brown, what do i do?
  12. Sounds like they're dead. You've either put too much fertilizer in with them, the water you used is chlorinated or there isn't enough light where they are. You are going to have to start again (use distilled or deionised water rather than tap water) - if you are based near me, I can drop you some starter culture off or meet half way - I'm based in North Yorkshire - or may be I can post you some.
  13. I'd probably used "aged" tap water.:)
  14. Can anyone recommend a pump please?
  15. You need a powerful one as you must keep the algae in motion so they don't settle - obviously the one I mentioned earlier is no longer available - I have the Fluval Q2 at home and that is definitely powerful enough for you to run two tanks side by side so you have a backup. You could probably get away with a Q1 for one tank - you can see from my picture how full on you need the air flowing
  16. Thank you. Do I need an airstone or can I just use some rubber tubing?
  17. I use one as it spreads the bubbles about and increases agitation without bubbling over.
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    An algae / air pump question !

    I bought the fluval Q1 air pump, set it up with my demijohn, added some algae, next day the algae was all stuck to the sides and the bottom. I thought perhaps the container was too big for the pump, so I transferred it into a 2L conical flask, tried again, same thing - it all sticks to the sides and the bottom. And it's stuck really firmly - swirling the flask doesn't get it off, I've had to drop some gravel in there to help loosen it.

    So the question is, am I using the wrong kind of algae (HOD was reluctant to let me order any, despite wanting to do the practical, so I left a beaker of baby bio water in the light box over Christmas and I'm using what grew in there !), or is the pump still too weak even for the smaller container ? Or maybe I need a different airstone, I tried out all of my pack of cheapy ones and used the one that looked bubbliest, but maybe I need to spend more than £2.50 for 5 :oops:
    Thanks for any advice !
  19. You do get some sticking to the sides but usually because the aerator isn't bubbling vigorously enough. Have you got it bubbling enough? Even if you haven't it turned up enough the whole demijohn will fill with algae - here is mine three weeks from fist inoculation.
    Look at the amount of bubbling at the top