A tech just seen to be doing pointless training?

So essentially the head of business left so the school head is now in charge of approving my time sheets (I am agency).

My HoD rang me up because of some miscommunication with my agency & furlough, but essentially, the gist I got was that if we don't do our weekly CPD stuff (not really relevant), then she wouldn't have approved my time sheet. Kind of felt a bit annoyed as I have been doing a bit more than that... but also thinking if that is what us techs are only seen to be doing, then. . .

On another note, I find it interesting as I see myself as a trainee tech (with school just over a year) and I accepted pay rates etc as one with my agency. Now my colleague has been gone, and with the summer coming up, I will find it interesting as to whom will be doing the more 'senior' level tech stuff, because if this happens to be me, then I will be doing some negotiations with my agency.

Interesting times ahead!
Thinking up pointless tasks for the people you are responsible for is Line Manager 101. Some are _really_ good at it, others less so; I try to work for the latter.
I'm in at about 75% time in school currently, so not being given pointless tasks, luckily. When lockdown came, I was not allowed in to school for 4 weeks, but then was on rota to look after the kids we had in. At this point I asked the head why it was ok for me to be in the same room as potential super spreaders but not be able to be in my own, now very isolated area, to get on with jobs I rarely get time to do being a P/T lone technician and TTO! So I have been in since and doing all my little repair jobs etc., that never get done when the kids are in! Silver lining to every cloud... It reminds me of being in work during the summer holidays when we used to be on 52 week contracts - oh happy days. Always said schools work better without kids in them :eek:;)
I'm meeting with my manager at the school I start my new job at on 1st June. The plans are very vague as to what I'll be doing and how, what hours etc. but a stock take sounds a good place to start. I've been doing online learning since starting the job on 20th April, video conferencing and other admin such as building a Google Sheets database for Prep Requisitions. I wanted to implement this at my last place of work but it didn't happen so I'm excited my new manager is keen to embrace my idea.

I've been home-schooling my children, 9 and 12 during this time. My husband has been working from home. Apparently, I'd be classed as a Key Worker and can send my children to school whilst I work in the school premises but we are reluctant (my husband more than me) to send them in so he's going to try and juggle that.

Very uncertain times!