3d printer - what could we use one for

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  1. Yours is a colour 3d printer?
  2. Solved the burette/thermometer holder for a test tube clamp. The design ended up resembling a spool but sliced down the middle. I added a bit of liquid tape for grip and works great!

    burette holder 1.jpg
    burette holder 2.jpg
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  3. Tee


    Most prob need to log into CLEAPSS first
  4. What is the one you use?
  5. They were printed in white and i painted them with enamel paint.
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  6. Thanks for that Amy, what filaments do you use?
  7. They use PLA filiament, 1.75mm width. They come in 1kg spools.
  8. Cool thanks
  9. I'm based in Canada, so no access to CLEAPSS.