1% rise?

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  1. I'm not often lost for words but this post certainly made me feel that. All I can say is that no wonder there are so many poorly paid technicians when we have opinions like this!
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  2. Certainly not my experience - my role is anything but stress-free (far too much to do and nowhere near enough time to do it - we're barely scraping by day-to-day), and as I'm employed 52wks I get 27 days holiday that I can only take in school hols when everything's stupidly expensive..... :rolleyes:

    *EDIT - the job is NOT easy - just look at the "Interview Tasks" thread for the skill sets needed....! :confused:
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  3. Allan: read my last sentence. Don't forget that there has been an uphill struggle against masses of anti-worker employment legislation over the last 40 years. The tide seems to be slowing now but Brexit is likely to recharge the flow.

    Mandy: you're not seeing the bigger picture. Your situation is not the same as everyone else's. We are in the sad financial position that we are purely for the satisfaction of the political ideology of some extremely rich people and their lackeys. By all means agree to pick up whatever duties are dropped on you without recompense - it's your choice. But the _only_ way to change things is by organisation and participation. Without unions: no paid holidays; no sick pay; no five day working week; no 37 hour week; etc. These things didn't just fall out of the sky - they were fought long and hard for. Just because your present situation suits you, you shouldn't assume that it will continue forever. A new manager who isn't as friendly will soon turn your world upside down. - and there are plenty of them out there. Without fixed terms and conditions, brought about by employment law fought for by unions, you will be up the creek without the proverbial paddle.

    You are also completely incorrect in your assertion that the unions don't care about redundancies. What they are good at is, when inevitable, managing the best deal for members and assisting them into other roles. If you think the students aren't already suffering, look at the lists of labs/teachers/technicians. Some are clearly getting a very bad deal.

    As a generalised example of what unions do for the average person, the recent reversal of fee-charging for employment tribunals was brought about solely because of legal challenges by unions.
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  4. So very, very true. ;)
  5. That's kind of my point though mike, unions aren't seeing the bigger picture either. They're trying to sweep through blanket changes that suit them and keep members paying the membership fees when actually a more individual and isolated approach is needed to suit each area or schools requirements. Things ARE different all over the country and these blanket changes will have just as much negative impact in some schools as they will have positive in others.

    Years ago unions did good things for a lot of people, but those days are long gone in my opinion and I've yet to see anything that can change my view.
  6. I am in an academy. Only rise I got was the increase in tax allowance. Been at the top of my pay scale for the past 8 years and we do not get a cost of living rise. so basically a pay cut each year. Sucks big time!
  7. I really wouldn't want to work in a school without being in a union. They have helped me out personally in the past when I was in a redundancy situation. They made sure that everything that was being pushed through was legal and above board, without them the school would have pushed through a much more extreme changes.
    Union reps have helped me through issues with members of staff in the past, attending meetings as support.
    Although (fortunately!)I haven't gone through it, union legal teams have helped colleagues when they have been wrongly accused by pupils in the past.

    Although it is only my opinion the unions provide invaluable support to their members and are definitely worth the fees.
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  8. The big picture is that education, like everything in the public sector, is being privatised by the back door. Unions are the only organisations that are set up to fight this and protect the rights of both workers and students, which is why they are demonised by those with vested interests. Of course, there are those who believe that privatisation is the way to go. P.T. Barnum hasn't been proved wrong yet.
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  9. We are in a union. We think of it as insurance, if things go wrong... they are there to help.

    So far they helped a colleague who was being bullied, and they helped us when we refused to sign our contracts due to a change. They also helped when we fought (and won) our case for a salary raise... and ensured our claim was backdated.
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  10. We have just been informed that we have been given a 1% pay rise with effect from April so that's something I guess. Apparently there was an agreement that the school would honor the local government pay rise for support staff when we converted to an academy. I do, however, remember that we didn't get one for 2 consecutive years after the change so agreements can be ignored. :)
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  11. Well it doesn't appear that they are honouring it now because the local government pay rise is on a sliding scale - the lowest paid get a higher percentage rise (over 5%) and the lowest rise anyone is getting is 2%!
  12. Our teechers are campaigning for a 10% increase
    good luck to them ( if they get it, guess who won't be getting anything)
  13. We haven't received any, the only "rise" we have received is due to the government changing the tax brackets. 8
  14. Check if you are still on national terms and conditions, because if so you should have had a rise. Get in touch with your trade union for advice
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  16. looks like we have the full 2% rise - an extra can of beer for me after next payday!
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  17. Yes, same here, got the increase and backdated too, although the tax man seems to have taken rather a large chunk
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  18. Tax? I would need to earn enough for that...
  19. No sign of any pay rise here, it is getting to the point now where even though I love being a technician I can't afford to stay. Having had the pay freeze for years then only a sporadic 1% rise every now and then I am effectively earning less than when I started 20 years ago :(
  20. Jim


    I got 2% in my last paycheck at the end of April. I didn't even notice until I saw this thread. Every little helps I guess.
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