1. PCLA12

    sodium chloride Chromatography

    hello everyone I have just been on the top tips area and scichem post some tips one says you can use a 1% salt solution to get clearer results do you replace the solvent with 1% salt or add it to the solvent.
  2. Peter Sigsworth

    Black pens for water based chromatography

    I am running the Edexcel CC2c1 chromatography of inks practical and need at least 4 different sets of 'black' water based inks/pens. I find it very difficult and time consuming, to get a range of water based black pens without having to buy several packs of colours from different manufacturers...
  3. J

    Chromatography of chlorphyll

    Afternoon all, So I am working on the A level practical of using chromatography on chlorophyll, in which one gets some leaves, chops them up, grinds them and places the green solution on a spot on the paper. I end up getting a nice spot in which you can see other colours, but on videos I am...
  4. J


    Morning all, Hope everyone has enjoyed their break(?). Setting up a chromatography practical using colouring pens. I am using the chromatography paper, and have checked that I have cut it evenly and not allowed it to touch the side of the beaker, in addition to keeping the water line below...
  5. F

    Biology Teacher

    Hello, I am an NQT teaching Biology in a non-school setting. I don't have any techical help so I will be reliant on the front of knowledge on this website! I don't have a lab as such-no fume cupboard,but do have microscopes- so am looking for low tech options for mainly all plant related...