1. JediiKnyght

    Plants to grow

    Hi all I've been asked a question from the teacher in charge of our Science club, and I honestly have no idea... He wants to grow plants with his group. One of the activities he wants to do with those plants is microscopy, but beyond that he wants plants with interesting features, or that...
  2. M

    CLOSED - Science Technician Shropshire W.Midlands

    Hi all, Job opportunity at a secondary school with attached Sixth Form in Shropshire for a Science Tech across all three science subjects. Please see attached links for details..
  3. Charlotte Powell

    Out of Toluidine blue - advice please

    Hi all, So a practical request for next week wants to look at water movement through celery and it is advised that they use Toluidine blue. We are currently out of this but I was wondering if Methylene blue or Cotton blue would do as we have lots. As they are aqueous, I am guessing they may...
  4. M

    Hello from Essex!

    I am a graduate working in a school (Yrs 1-11) and am the sole science technician. Fortunately I have been shadowing the current technician for her last week, so I haven't been abandoned!!. She has held the post for the past 9 years, so it would be impossible to learn let alone remember all...
  5. J

    Chromatography of chlorphyll

    Afternoon all, So I am working on the A level practical of using chromatography on chlorophyll, in which one gets some leaves, chops them up, grinds them and places the green solution on a spot on the paper. I end up getting a nice spot in which you can see other colours, but on videos I am...
  6. S

    Analysing Urine

    I've been asked to prepare a practical for analyzing urine. I thought it was the analysing the glucose in 'urine' from Tom, Dick and Harry but it isn't. It involves using clinistix, albustix and red litmus paper to analyse samples of Renal artery plasma, Renal vein plasma, Normal Urine and...
  7. megan l


    Hi everyone. It's come around to the enzyme required practical again and I cannot for the life of me get the amylase to dissolve properly in water or the practical to even work. Any tips? (we have both diastase and fungal amylase and are looking to do it at a range of pH's)
  8. Leanne_Lane

    Pigeon dissection

    Hello, I'm relatively new to the game of lab technicianing. I work at a landbased college that runs many courses: vet nursing, agriculture, animal welfare etc etc... I need to order in some pigeons for dissection, however cannot find anything apart from Blades.... Does anyone know of...
  9. krysalis99

    Biology labcoats or disposable aprons

    Hello All, Need your advice/ opinion on a H&S matter. Do Biology years 9-13 need material labcoats or are the plastic aprons provided for messy/hazardous practicals enough. The past 2 weeks there have been reckless spilling and splashing of hazardous material, strong acid and e.coli broth...
  10. megan l

    Algal balls storage

    Hello, does anyone have any idea how long algal balls can be stored for? Mine are in the fridge in distilled water currently and I've read many different things on their 'shelf life' - ranging from a couple days to weeks.
  11. megan l

    Bijou bottles for algal balls!

    Hello, I have managed to get the photosynthesis required practical using algal balls to work and the classes have got some good results. However, I would like the reaction to happen quicker and have read a lot about using smaller bijou bottles for it. I'm currently using 15ml bottles. Does...
  12. F

    Biology Teacher

    Hello, I am an NQT teaching Biology in a non-school setting. I don't have any techical help so I will be reliant on the front of knowledge on this website! I don't have a lab as such-no fume cupboard,but do have microscopes- so am looking for low tech options for mainly all plant related...
  13. N

    CLOSED - 2x Part-time School Laboratory Technicians (Biology/Lwr Sch & Physics), Weybridge

    Do you have knowledge and experience of working in a laboratory with a passion for Science? 08.30-16.30, 21 hours per week over 3 days (days to be agreed), 38 weeks per year plus INSET days and 4 weeks paid holiday, Salary up to £12,000 pa dependent on qualifications & experience Permanent...
  14. Ollie Smith


    Hello there, We are trying to set up a respirometer but having no luck getting it working we have followed the CLEAPSS video guide and can't see where we are going wrong D: Can anyone suggest and tips or ticks that might get it going , Thanks
  15. James Fieldman

    Microbiology question....

    Hi Everyone A little help with this would be massively appreciated! We are due to do Biology PAG 7.1 in the next few weeks and I was wondering - is Tryptone Agar a suitable Growth Medium for Bacillus Subtillis? Or would I be better using good old bog standard Nutrient Agar? Any help would be...
  16. KJSrecruitment

    CLOSED Science Technician (Biology) - Knaresborough (Closing: 03/04/2017)

    Science Technician King James's School, Knaresborough 25 hours per week Term-time only (including Training Days) £9,671-£10,702 We are seeking applications for a self-motivated, enthusiastic and supportive Science Technician to start as soon as possible. You will assist the Subject Teachers in...