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  1. Sarah Ward

    Material Identification

    I haven't bought those exact ones but I agree with @Dod : acrylic and granite. Probably.
  2. Sarah Ward

    How to get a Tech job

    Thanks. I will stay until I no longer feel useful! The first job on my newbie's induction will be "register here, login. These are your colleagues"
  3. Sarah Ward

    North West Science Technicians

    Thanks, guys, I'll miss this community! I'm going back to forensics in a training role for now. Hopefully I'll find a network like this one to carry me through the wilderness days while I try to remember what the job is all about!
  4. Sarah Ward

    North West Science Technicians

    I'm leaving the profession! Been 8 good years but it's time to move on. If anyone is looking for a post, it's in Irlam, it's a lone tech role doing just AQA ks3 and GCSE (double and triple). 3 labs, 6 teachers, nice science garden. I'm not sure where or when they are advertising it but I'll be...
  5. Sarah Ward

    End of Term

    Thanks for the thought process - I wouldn't have got there alone!
  6. Sarah Ward

    How do you label your bottles?

    I'm going to try blue labels to see if I can get over it too!
  7. Sarah Ward

    North West Science Technicians

    Thanks guys. I also get hearts from the supermarket but I the only butcher locally offered me a sheep's head instead of 16 eyes. Imagine the look on the cleaner's face if I'd accepted!
  8. Sarah Ward

    North West Science Technicians

    Where's the best place to get organs for dissection? I don't think that there are any abattoirs left in Manchester. There aren't any butchers near the school (except in supermarkets) and I have to go back to Trafford for a decent one and store things in my fridge at home until the next day. Is...
  9. Sarah Ward

    Cracking evaporating basins

    Any ideas why my evaporating lessons keep cracking? They are heated on gauzes and often with a clay pipe triangle on top too. Never heated to full dryness. Left to cool there or placed on a heat proof mat with tongs. Even at the washing stage a few collapse in the bowl. It's not just one...
  10. Sarah Ward

    Griffin mesochemical analysis kit

    Anybody know what this does or how to use it? I have 7 of them and most of the contents are a complete mystery to me! If anyone has an instruction booklet I would be grateful for a copy.
  11. Sarah Ward

    North West Science Technicians

    Hoping everyone is OK after recent events in Manchester. I know it affected a lot of schools and families in the North West region. I'm proud of how well our kids are coping and the support given by staff.
  12. Sarah Ward

    What is this and what do I do with it?

    Anyone recognise this? I can't seem to find anything like it in the current catalogues.
  13. Sarah Ward

    Procedure for disposal of microbiological waste

    No. Pretty much all of the procedures within the prep room are referred to by "in accordance with CLEAPSS guidelines". Did they say the procedures in the laboratory handbook need to be duplicated in another document?
  14. Sarah Ward

    Alternatives to Alka seltzer

    AQA suggests indigestion tablets containing citric acid and sodium hydrogen carbonate. Alkaseltzers have paracetamol in too making them more expensive, and branded. Supermarkets do their own brand of Rennie-type tablets (~48 for £2). Nothing to stop us breaking them in half first if we trial it...
  15. Sarah Ward

    North West Science Technicians

    Hi. I have been the technician here for 7 years. We have 2 labs and 7 science teachers teaching 11-16 yr olds Core and Separates AQA. I'm a chemist and physicist but everyone teaches all science regardless of specialisms. I work in Salford, bordering Warrington. Prior to this I was a crime scene...
  16. Sarah Ward

    Algal balls????????????

    I'm not usually a fan of biology - but this one is quite fun! I have a work sheet if needed.
  17. Sarah Ward

    I know I asked this last year but I have forgotten how to do it (again)

    I'm guessing it's just to fit 3 titres into the burette without the need to refill it!
  18. Sarah Ward

    How do you deliver Copper(II) oxide powder?

    Same as @Julie Delaney Petri dishes (with labelled bases and lids!) perfect for small samples, easy to access and stackable and they can't scoop too much at a time with a spatula! I do the same for flame test samples, carbonates etc and store them on gratnell trays for reusing.
  19. Sarah Ward

    Cleaning safety screens?

    They are awful to clean. Once they have damage spots and splashes from heat or chemicals they are ruined. I suggest having a separate (dedicated) piece of perspex or glass for peppers ghost. Perhaps see if anyone has an old poster frame or ask your site managers if they have any window panes in...