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    Investigating kinetic energy stores practical?

    Also depends on year group- usually do a circus of 'stored energy' when topic first introduced, cars on ramps, pendulum swing practicals more specific/advanced..
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    Disinfecting after dissection

    Agh! hasn't been my practice so far.. consider myself told. Guess that's a job for tomorrow..
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    re-using tea lights

    Quite proud of getting this far- have finished a budget in November before now. If they need perishables/extra, I'm not volunteering!
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    Boiling tubes / test tubes - with or without a rim...

    Though rimmed still fit our boiling tube racks upside down in the dishwasher, though a bit easier without rims..
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    re-using tea lights

    Now that we're out of budget, just wondered if anyone re-did their manky tea lights? should be simple enough to melt and re-pour, but wondered if need any particular stuff/method to replace short wicks...
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    Lungs in a bell jar

    I know this will have been posted before, but can't find the link. My 'lungs in a belljar' rubber diphragm is getting very friable, there's only so much more duct tape it can take.. Suggestions for replacement rubber? Without resorting to dubious sites....?! Thanks in advance..
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    Silly question. As some of our buzzers used for circuits have stopped working, does anyone know if buzzers now only come with flying leads? For consistency, I'd prefer the same as we have- with sockets for banana plugs, but can't seem to find them... If they do only have flying leads, the...
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    Alternative flame test loop holders?

    I don't suppose anyone has any good ideas how to salvage flame test loop holders, or a reasonable alternative? Much as I try to direct people down the splint soaked in solution route (which I really like, and gets done for open days etc.) whilst the syllabus stipulates nichrome wire loop cleaned...
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    Technician or Skivvy? (Rant alert)

    Our school now has a policy of not being able to carry 'open-topped' mugs of hot drinks around school, so through no effort on my part, the teachers now only use their own 'travel' mugs in science. Hey presto- no more mug problem... I hear its a different story in the staff room...
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    CLOSED - Senior Science Technician Post - Manor Croft Academy - Dewsbury - Closing Date 9/12/2019

    As a sole technician, its pro rata pay is similar to my FTE pay, and I'm 30hr/wk TTO... I know, The powers that be are aware, but nothings about to change...
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    Or you could just ring cleapss, who should be able to verify its ok.. They do say to try them if you intend to go 'off-piste'.... Then you're covered.
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    What is your proudest 'cheat' for a practical?

    Favourite cheat is using already glucosed water while the visking tubing in 'water' pre warms for the class in the water bath. They still think the broken down starch is slowly producing the glucose, as the benedicts reagent changes colour slowly. Unless they are also testing for starch inside...
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    Magnet practical idea (year 7)

    WE had puzzles on open day, but one was to separate nickel pieces from aluminium- the letters stuck to the nickel spelt a word, from a random jumble of aluminium letters.. No idea if this is helpful, but thought they could make their own?
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    Just had the shock of my bursar asking if I had COSHH register.... Panic as I think I have to do new forms for all our chemical stock! Appears she's happy if all of the chemicals are listed (with where stored and hazards) as I do for the stocklist. Only extra ones would be whiteboard cleaner...