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    Let's hope this is the start of something amazing......
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    Removing Methylene Blue Stains

    Last week, a few of my Y9s managed to stain the desks with methylene blue. A chance spillage led to a discovery. I had some Dettol in a beaker to put their discarded cotton buds in and some of this spilt next to the methylene blue stain, I used a cloth to wipe up the spillage and when it came...
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    Look forward to trying to help drive our profession to a better place
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    Chlorine Water

    And the other best thing about this method is that having used it earlier this year it lasted 3 months. Whereas infusing water with chlorine gas has an extremely limited shelf life - its win win all round.:D
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    Is there a quick way to remove copper from electrodes after electrolysis?

    It's been nice so far to make some suggestions, let's hope we get some progress. Quite surprised to have been chosen :)
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    Salicylic acid

    Every possibility but you could send both samples off to have them tested and you get very detailed results returned - not to tread on George's toes, nor Yelnats but you can send them here - contact them first on their website and request the number of vials you require, and you get...
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    I'd like to echo your thoughts too, it would be great for us to improve the working lives of technician's everywhere. The email was a nice surprise too Iain.
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    RLCLab Testing Samples

    I don't normally shout from the roof tops - but at this point I do wish to say thanks to George and Yelnats who have mentioned this service this year and in the past. My Y13 Chemists synthesized Aspirin as part of PAG 6 for OCR A. I sent an impure and their final product for analysis - I have...
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    Disposing of haloalkane

    I would carry out a nucleophilic substitution reaction and turn it back into an alcohol by using NaOH, the alcohol is easy to dispose of than haloalkanes. Evaporating in a fume cupboard can take some time also if its a mobile fume cupboard you will use up your filter very quickly and they aren't...
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    Does anyone know how to get phenolphthalein out of plastic?

    Soaking them in 1M HCl should decolourise the phenolphthalein and then you can wipe the plastic clean.
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    Poll - Consensus of opinion in the use of Dropping Bottles

    Dropping bottles are even better nowadays as you only need to unscrew the lid and you can get so many different volume sizes and they're relatively cheap to purchase from Amazon :D
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    Synthesis of Aspirin (PAG 6 for OCR A)

    My Y13 Chemists have synthesised aspirin and they have carried out TLC and melting point anlysis of their product against aspirin bought from Tesco. They have ended with an excellent result of 94.5% purity calculated from their TLC and 92.7% calculated from the melting point analysis. This is...
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    Chemistry - Phenolphathalein

    It is more cost effective to buy the phenolphthalein as a pre-made solution. If staff don't splash it around a 500ml bottle should last you years. At £3.35 for 500ml of phenolphthalein (Timstar). IDA is regulated and you use lots of it for biology so this means that you've got more available for...
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    Bromine water at 0.1M

    1.1g of NaBr add 10ml of 1M HCl - it dissolves, add 8 ml of sodium hypochlorite solution, add lid to bottle swirl, then add 32ml of water swirl, job done.
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    0.08M sulfuric Acid

    Using the CLEAPSS recipe card. For 2L of 1M you will need 108ml of Conc Sulfuric. so 1/0.08 = 12.5 therefore 108/12.5 = 8.64ml of Conc sulfuric in 2L to make your desired concentration, hope this helps. ;)